Sunday, February 3, 2013


Genevieve is like a puppy. She needs exorbitant amounts of exercise and outdoor time in order to be an obedient and loving puppy. If she could chew slippers and rip apart couch cushions, she would! All this snow, inversion and plain old horrible winter weather has made it near impossible to get her the amount of exercise her little mind and body need. After a rather difficult week with Genevieve, joe and I were at our wits end. Every evening we were brainstorming on what to do with our little peanut. The only thing we found that has worked so far is at least two hours of climbing through the snow every night before dinner. This is on top of her schooling, dance classes and kinder music. This little girl has a lot of spice but we sure do love her that way.
As long as we know how to cultivate it in a healthy way!

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Madison said...

Just did some catching up on your blog and as always, love the pictures. They are so your kids! I think Fin looks lots like you. I'm jealous of your snow. We're crossing our fingers and praying for a big blizzard tonight!!