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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Green Smoothies

If your kids are anything like my kids its torture to try and get them to eat ENOUGH veggies and fruit. Of course they will down a clementine here and there, an apple or banana but veggies are the hardest.  I'll admit I'm kind of the same way.  If it isn't drenched in ranch I'm not a huge fan unless its cooked.  So I started looking into green smoothies.  What better way to entice them into eating something healthy if it is also a "milk shake", right?  I started my search on Pinterest, where else. I was a bit leery about spinach and kale but I gave it go and it was quite yummy.  Here is our first green smoothie attempt.  The "immune booster" because boy could we use some immune boosting in these parts.


Boosting your immune system is a great way to stay healthy, especially during cold/flu season. The stronger your body is, the faster you get back on your feet. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables contain immune-boosting antioxidants. On top of that, you can add probiotics, olive leaf extract, and elderberry extract to keep you in fighting shape all winter long.  This smoothie is so easy, there is no room for excuses. Let’s get our families healthy right now!
2 cups spinach
1/4 cup carrots
1 banana
1/2 cups orange juice
1 cup water
2 cups frozen strawberries (I defrost them first because the flavor is more intense)
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
Additional immune boosters: powdered probiotics, olive leaf extract and elderberry extract (amount varies depending on how many people are drinking the smoothie)

I found the children's acidophilus at whole foods in the freezer section and the extracts from Harmons.  I'm sure Whole Foods has them too, I just wasn't in the market for extracts when I was at Whole Foods purchasing the acidophilus.   
So, there you have it... a salad in a cup. Yum.