Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sick and tired.

Genevieve gave us quite a scare this week. After a horrible cough, high fever and blown blood vessels in her eyes we took her into our pediatrician at three in the afternoon Thursday. They checked her all out. No ear infections, her heart was racing a bit and she was on the edge of dehydration but they sent us home and encouraged us to push fluids. Their guess was influenza. By six that evening she was crazy with ear pain and delirious. I gave her some pain reliever and put her to bed. By 7:30 I was packing our things for the hospital. Something just did not seem right. I was worried I was overreacting and being dramatic so I wavered back and forth whether to take her or not. But my mama bear got the best of me and I yanked her out of bed and took her up to primary children's. by the time we arrived her eyes were sunken, her lips her cracked and dry and she was incredibly lethargic.
After a night in the hospital and more tests Friday. Genevieve's tests came back positive for rsv. Double ear infections, severe dehydration, and glucose in her urine. I was overwhelmed and scared when the doctors started talking diabetes and kidney failure. Luckily, her urine was clean Friday and her blood glucose levels were within normal range. Thankfully no diabetes! However, she was so dehydrated her kidneys were under stress which explains her spilling glucose and keytones into her urine.

We are so grateful for modern medicine and something that is temporary and can be fixed. Genevieve has been so sweet and strong through lots of "pokes" and prodding. I sure love that little girl. Her innocence is so sweet and perfect. I hope she stays that way for quite awhile longer.

Now our next worry is directed towards Finley. Rsv is extremely contagious and Finn has begun to show symptoms of it today. High fever, cough. We will keep or fingers crossed and pray this passes quickly.

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Lauren and Greg said...

Poor babies!! It's so heartbreaking when they are sick! Happy they are on the mend though. Mama needs some rest too!