Saturday, February 2, 2013

First Day of Kindermusic

New Years Resolution...
keep blogging.

This week was the first day of Kindermusic.
I must admit I was feeling a bit nostalgic.  I was remembering back
to the last two years.  here and here
Boy have things changed.

Today was a little different then our last two years of Kindermusic.
Genevieve would be going it alone this year and Finley tagged along.
He was able to take his very own class.
What a treat to have an entire 45 minutes just me and him.
I think it is safe to say Finn loved it.
He spent the entire class giggling.  

the many faces of Evie

G: "hello Ms. Anne? Yes, we are on our way!"

Looking out the window to see popcorn popping

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Stephers said...

I had not scrolled down to the bottom of your posts to see your baby video of Finn. How adorable. My little B wanted to watch it again and again. So precious!