Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Dear Joe,

Today will be the last time I kiss you goodbye as you hurry off, back pack in hand.  Today is the last day Genevieve cries at the door.  Today is the last day I have to explain where you are a dozen times before the little ones lay down their heads.  Today is the last night I will stay up late waiting for you.  Today is the last time I wander the house after the kids are tucked in and miss everything about you.  Today is your very last night of school.  No more homework, studying, late nights, missed weekends.  

These past two years have taught me a lot about myself and our relationship.  I have learned I can do hard things.  I have learned we can persevere when we're together.  I've learned what the word "support" really means.  I have had to grow up while you've been away.  These past two years have also taught me a lot about loneliness.  Some nights I never thought I could be so lonely.  There were many times I would lay on the warm cement of the driveway and gaze up at the stars thinking the loneliness might swallow me up but just as those thoughts were too much your headlights would turn down our road and you would be home again.  

I know it hasn't been easy for either of us. Yet through it all you have proven to me you an incredible man.  I knew it the day I married you but I never knew the depth of my love and respect until now.  Joe, you have accomplished so much in these past two years.  A new home, a new baby, countless work trips, your mom passing away and school.  Yet through it all you have never been upset or resentful for the amount of work on your plate.  You have always taken it one day at a time with one patient foot in front of the other.  

I'm so proud of you my dear. I hope you realize the magnitude of your accomplishment.  Not only are you graduating with your MBA but you are graduating with impeccable grades while you continued to raise and support a family, remained my sweetheart, worked long hours and stayed true to who you are.  Your patience and dedication is endless and I am just so proud to know you.

Congratulations my sweetheart.  You deserve all the happiness in the world and I can only hope I will be there to see all of your dreams realized. 

~ your girl.   

(remember this day? first day of school)

congratulations love.
you did it!


Madison said...

Go Joe! That's tough. We've been there and it is beyond exciting to be done with that stage of life!

Anonymous said...

Thanks babes, I would have never been able to finish school without your continued love and support.


jen said...

this is so beautiful, and I am right there with you. My husband graduates with his MBA next year, then we (if all goes as planned) are off to doctorate school. I think we wives love our husbands more, the more we sacrifice for them. And letting them go off to fulfill their dreams is definitely not an easy sacrifice. Congrats to your Joe, what a lucky man to have such a woman.