Friday, July 13, 2012

Fin's Circus Soiree

what a perfect day.
family, friends, food and my baby turning one. 
I must say I can't help myself when it comes to parties.
I tend to go all out and boy did we go all out for Fin's first birthday.
face painting, bubbles, a bounce house, balloon animals, clown noses
and lots of sugar.

I couldn't help but reminisce about Genevieve's first birthday.  My how time is flying.

I made the balloon banner using this tutorial
it wasn't hard but tedious and time consuming.
Joe and I blew up 72 balloons.  We both had major headaches afterwards.

my sweet neighbor, Laura made all the desserts: cake, cupcakes and cookies
they were so yummy.

and what circus is complete without popcorn and cotton candy

Genevieve was the "ringmaster" 

face painting was done by the amazing: athena

grammy and grandad

there is just something magical about bubbles

I made my headband using this tutorial

we had about 60 of our good friends and family come and help us celebrate Finley's first year of life
here is just a few of them...

Happy Birthday Finley James.
We love you.

(all photos were taken by the wonderful alisha gregerson)



restlessrisa said...

SO DARLING! I love it!!! Beautiful photos too! Thanks for sharing :)



Sharstin said...

wow what an adorable party! and fam--love all the lil details!

Madison said...

Looks like it was quite the party! Happy birthday to such a sweet little boy.

Joni and Rico Adams said...

Yay! It looks like it was absolute perfection! Good job lady. And I'm so glad you found someone to take the pictures. They turned out amazing. :)

Kelley said...

So adorable. I love the idea. Question - where did you get the susppenders? And the top hat for your daughter? and your bow? I am throwing a triple 1st bday party for my son and our 2 best friends who were all born within a week of eachother. Thanks

A said...

U are so dang talented! Love it!