Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Joe's cousin Breeja Larson is headed to the London Summer Olympics
Breeja beat Rebecca Soni, the best breaststroker in the world, 
and world record holder Jessica Hardy, in the 100 meter breaststroke.  

Needless to say we have been cheering her on.  
Watching every moment we could and talking about her constantly. 
 Surprisingly, Genevieve has been just as enthralled.
 Asking if anyone who looked like a swimmer (even michael phelps) was "Brillow".
Now, she wants to be "Brillow" wearing Joe's goggles 
and swimming the breaststroke in the bath tub 
screaming: "I going to the lympics, I going to lympics yaaaay!!!"

Baby, maybe one day you will.
Until then we are so proud of you Breeja.
We are cheering you on!!!

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