Sunday, March 18, 2012

8-9 months

Mr. Finley,

Another month has come and gone and you are that much older.  You are so close to taking off on those chubby hands and knees... it's maybe days now until you are fast and mobile.  For now you get around by army crawling, dragging your body as quick as you can across the floor.  This month you have sprouted three new teeth.  Two are still just barely hidden under your gums, almost ready to pop out. So, it's safe to say that you have four little teeth, two on top and two on bottom.  I quickly figured this out after getting bitten a few times.  

You are as lovely as ever.  Sweet and mild, with eyes that would melt the coldest heart.  You have quickly adjusted to solids and we are now getting closer and closer to those final days of nursing.  It is bitter sweet but so wonderful to think of having my body back to normal.  We are now teaching you how to sign and you have quickly caught on by signing "milk."  Now you concentrate while staring at your hand open and close, trying ever so hard to get your message across.

Finley my dear, you are still so quick to smile and slow to cry.  It takes a lot of genevieve's hitting and pounding before you cry out for help.  However, unlike your sister you are quite cautious and leery of strangers and loud noises (besides those of your sisters).  Your leeriness of strangers seems to be more prevalent within our home.  When any guests come you frantically look my way and softly cry, panicked I might leave you or  that the stranger might pick you up.  Hopefully, this is just a stage and you will soon out grow it.  We are in unfamiliar territory because your sister is, and has always been, extremely social and willing to smile and go to anyone.  It's ok my sweet boy, we'll take it one step at a time.  

Genevieve has always been her daddy's little girl.  From the moment she arrived there was a connection between the two that I could not penetrate.  I loved watching their relationship grow but couldn't help feeling a little like the third wheel when it came to the two of them.  So, when I found out I was pregnant with you I wished and prayed for a mama's boy.  A baby who would cuddle and hold on tight.  One that was independent enough to play alone but cried and longed for his mama when she would leave.  My wish came true.  You are all of that and much more.  When I leave you are fine to see me go but as soon as I return, the moment you hear my voice you quickly turn on the tears and reach for me.  Really, what more could a mother want.  

Really, what more could a mother want?


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Kristi said...

What a sweet little guy.