Monday, July 2, 2012

super girl

Genevieve, is an awesome mixture of girly girl and tom boy.  On our street there are at least a dozen little boys around genvieve's age and she doesn't mind one bit.  She is always the first one to dive into the mud, throw balls and capture the "bad guys"(wearing a dress of course). She can keep up with the best of them.  So it is only natural she wants to be "superman".  
Clothes have also become optional this summer.  She doesn't feel it is necessary to wear them.  I try to compromise by making her wear at least underwear.  On this day she decided that she "needed" a pull up (she is potty trained) but even her underwear reflect her eclectic style.  We have a drawer full of fancy princess underwear and thomas the train undies from the little boy section.  
No matter what Genevieve does she always does it with her own flare and lots and lots of energy!

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