Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Years + 6 Months

Genevieve my sweet and funny little girl.

My what a large personality you have. Opinionated and wonderful! I marvel at the girl you are becoming. Each day brings something new and I wake up excited to see what you have in store for me. Your heart is tender and you have a deep seeded need to do the right thing, even if it takes a bit of guidance. You are constantly concerned about others feelings and ask frequently if you make me happy. "I make you happy mommy?" I reply "you always make me happy genevieve". Each morning you ask each member of the family if they slept well "you sleep good mommy, finley sleep good, daddy sleep good?" I then ask how you slept and your reply is usually the same "I wake up mommy." Each morning I wonder what you dreamt of the night before and each morning is always the same, "princesses".

You are a very good and dear big sister.  You always try to love on Finley, give him toys, teach him new things.  If he cries you ask "you break sinee's heart?"  and I melt.  

Besides a million and one things you say. You are learning your colors and pretty much have them all down.  You know A B and C and can count to ten, sometimes "1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 13, 16".  You know most animals and the sounds they make. You have a few chores you are responsible for each day: clearing the table after each meal, picking up the toys in your playroom and picking up your bedroom.  Your dad and I are happy to say at this point you love to help.  I am sure that will change over time.  

Genevieve you are now officially sleeping in a big girl bed but it is a day bed so I flipped the entrance into it against the wall so you can't get out.  I couldn't handle loosing my freedom.  We have also had to unscrew the light bulbs in your room to keep you from turning on and off the lights.  We threaten you each night if you get out of your covers we will take your babies away.  I have had to take them away once or twice which caused many tears.  Potty training is still in the works and I seriously might loose all my hair over it.  You are pretty much peed trained unless you get busy playing with friends or outside and then accidents usually occur.  We are having much more success in the "number two" area and you have successfully done it almost every day for the past few weeks.  However, you still have accidents in your pull up when we put you down for bed.  There has also been multiply times I have wiped pooh up off the kitchen floor.  Agghhhh!! Really, this has been one of the most frustrating things so far in my parenthood journey.  I don't like it!

Genevieve my girl, each and every day you say something new and always come up with different things to keep dad and I laughing.  You have the strongest personality which is what we love most about you but it also makes our jobs difficult.  You are always pushing boundaries, getting your feelings hurt and asserting your independence.  However, you are always quick to try and do the right thing, make amends, apologize and give kisses.  You have such a good soul and are learning quickly about your Savior.  You are very good at kneeling to pray, folding your little arms and repeating the end of each sentence as we coax you with what to say.  

Genevieve, I am sure you are teaching me as much as I am teaching you.  I learn something new about myself every day I am with you but mostly you show me what unconditional love is.  I love looking at the world through your eyes, it is magical... as are you.  What I did to deserve you I will never know but thank you for choosing us.  


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