Thursday, April 19, 2012


The Easter Bunny snuck into our house and hid baskets for us to find after church.
sneaky rabbit.

Finley's first Easter and he looks mighty fine

hello friend.

Genevieve found the loot

pretend food for her kitchen
miniature piano
and a new friend for Fin.

daddy knows how to make one mean sandwich, yum.

genevieve was channeling Linus from charlie brown.

noon = terrible lighting

taking pictures of these two, impossible.

bad lighting

horrible background

the attention span of a knat

nap time 

and that's a wrap...
we'll settle for this.

Happy Easter
 (never mind it was a few weeks ago)
more to come.


Joni and Rico Adams said...

I love the idea of hiding the easter baskets. I can't wait to have Aria actually understanding holidays. Its just so much more fun with kiddos. :)

Madison said...

Darling pictures! Who cares about the lighting or background, those are some dang cute kids. I can't wait to see you and meet little Fin!

DeLane said...

Great Pictures! Cute little kids! Thanks for sharing!