Wednesday, February 1, 2012

playing catch... christmas

I really, really don't like being behind in my journaling.  If the blog gets behind so does the book.
So to say its February and I still haven't written about christmas is disheartening.
Well, here it goes.  I'm about to catch up.

Christmas Eve...
we celebrated Christmas a week before the actual day because of our trip to Hawaii
Santa came early and did not disappoint.
This was our first Christmas to celebrate just "us".
Joe and my little family.
We carried on the tradition of Christmas jammies on Christmas eve
and started our own with cinnamon rolls, the blow up mattress in the family room and christmas movies.
It was magical and so surreal Joe and I were celebrating Christmas with our own family
carrying on traditions from both our families and starting our own.
We set cinnamon rolls and milk out for Santa
 tucked the kids into bed
and waited for Christmas to arrive.

christmas morn
everything a little boy and girl could want

"pincess shoes"
 just what she has always wanted

the aftermath. 


Madills said...

I quite honestly am in awe of the absolutely beauty that is your kids!! So sweet and so fun!

Joni and Rico Adams said...

First and foremost. Those cinnamon rolls. Why?! Now I want one so bad! Those look AMAZING. Moving on. I love the jammies. So cute. We have that tradition too. Christmas is just more fun with kids.