Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Letters to Finley.

5 months


It has proven to be more difficult than first anticipated to write you letters and take pictures every month. Two babies are keeping me quite busy and before I know it another month has gone by and you are that much older.  I'm sorry  I missed four months and this letter is coming right before you turn six months but nonetheless I love you and my how you have been growing.

From the beginning you have been a quiet little one.  Your cries are soft and deep however, this month you found your voice.  Now you can be heard from downstairs while you wail in your crib.  Thankfully, you cry very seldom.  You are the most happy and content little boy, always quick to smile and easy to laugh.  Being twenty months younger than your sister is challenging for all of us but you take everything with a smile, even bonks and scratches on your nogin.  You are getting closer and closer to sitting up, on your own, without my supervision which thrills your sister, she now has a friend to get on the ground and play with.  You can use your hands like a pro and everything is grabbed at and if successful goes straight into your mouth.  You sleep from 7:30 to 8:00 every night and take two or three naps a day.  I am not as strict with your schedule as I had to be with Genevieve.  You are so easy going that it isn't necessary to enforce a bunch of rules and schedules on you, so I have learned to go with the flow, just like you do.

I am always surprised at how big you are getting.  The time is passing so much more quickly then it did when your sister was a wee one. I am amazed when I find you sitting up by yourself or playing with toys, I still feel like you are just a newborn, but those days are quickly becoming ancient history.  I always say when I die all my memories will be fully restored to me and I will remember every smile, every giggle, the smell of your head after a bath, the way your slobber feels on my shoulder... every single detail will come flooding back, that is my heaven and I hope I'm right. 

Finley, your sister made me a mother and you have made me a better person.  After welcoming you into this world my patience has grown, my selfishness has diminshed and I have never been happier than I am to snuggle both my babies.  Although you are still small you have given me perspective, you have shown me what is really important, you have taught me patience and you have made my heart grow a hundred fold.  I love you, I love you, I love you my sweet boy.


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Joni and Rico Adams said...

I love that. When you die you'll remember everything. I hope that's true because my heart hurts that we can't remember every moment when they're babies. I wanted to record Arias cry when she was a newborn just so I wouldn't forget... and I forgot to do it! ha ha it's gone i a second :(