Tuesday, November 29, 2011

mornings with the babes

it's been so exciting to watch fin and genevieve's relationship develop.
only recently have they become interested in one another.
fin is mesmerized by Genevieve
and genevieve is actually beginning to play with him.
this morning i looked over to see a sweet sight.
genevieve had made a table and was making "dinner" for finley
she wasn't bonking him on the head, she wasn't hugging him too tight, 
she was actually playing with him
and they both loved it!

could they look any different?

what a sight to see, i love my babies.


The Smith's said...

Oh my gosh your kiddos are so adorable!

Joni and Rico Adams said...

I think Fin definitely looks like his mama! And G looks like Joe. Isn't that funny how the opposite gender can look like either parent? It's the same way in Ricos family. The boys look like his mom and the girls look like his Dad. :)

Liz and Don Wortley said...

So sweet!!! Love that they are playing together already :) You have beautiful babies!

Madison said...

So cute! Isn't being a mom the greatest? You've got a couple of absolutely adorable kiddos.

Whitney said...

Oh I love all of these pictures!!! They make me excited to have another one. You're pictures are looking so professional!