Monday, September 12, 2011

Letters to Finley.

2 months
(lets pretend he isn't going to be three months next week)

Our blue eyed boy,

Two months and a life time ago you were born on a perfect June evening.  I can't believe it has only been two months, your dad and I really can't remember life without you.  Who were we before you?  What did our family even feel like?  It's hard to remember.  You have filled our home with lots of love and noise.  Your sweet coos are heard throughout the house and your tiny cry echos in every room.  Your days are getting longer and your nights are mostly restful, sometimes you will cry out just before five and want a binky and a kiss before you drift back to sleep.  Most of the time I don't mind it. You are our blue eyed boy. From the moment those little eyes opened they were blue as the sky, sparkly and reflective.  We only hope they grow bluer with age. Just as your eyes change so do you.  It is such a tug of war on my mama heart. I so look forward to seeing you grow and celebrate each new milestone but I miss all the stages you are beginning to grow out of, my newborn is now a baby. And with that in mind I will try to relish in each little sneeze, coo, cuddle and tearful cry and try to remember every detail.


12 lb. 6 oz. 75th percentile
24 1/2 inches 95th percentile


Mike and Alexis said...

SO cute! I love those eyes.

Toni said...

Ah such a sweet little doll face. I miss your face.

Madison said...

Those blue eyes are beautiful! What a cute, sweet boy. I just love the effect a newborn has on a household. There's something so precious and miraculous about it all.

PS you'll be so proud of me - 2 updates in 2 days!

Poelmans said...

that face is adorable. he is SO cute!