Monday, January 24, 2011

15 Months

Oh Lou,

Really 15 months already, well almost 16 months, I keep asking where did the time go?  With each passing day you become more and more like a little girl and so much less like a baby.  Really, if I'm being honest, you no longer are a baby but a  tall, toothy toddler.  Good thing I have your brother to fix my baby sweet tooth in a few months because I'm missing a sweet little baby to hold and cuddle.  However much I miss your coos and gurgles I wouldn't replace it with your babbling, laughs, gap tooth smile, signs, hugs and your little monkey walk.  Everyone told me that once you started walking everything would get that much harder but I found just the opposite really.  Once you got those feet on the ground you have blossomed, turned into a little girl almost over night and have become my best "little" friend.  I have thrown away my old 25 year old shadow and have replaced it with a 2ft something one.  I love it.

At 15 months I am surprised to find myself thinking of things that only felt like a fairy tale just a few months ago, potty training, taking away the binky, discipline, swim lessons, music lessons etc.  Again, where has the time gone?

You are full of lots of tricks and talents...

you can sign:
water and say "wa" while signing
all gone
I don't know
and you wag your little finger in the air whenever I say "no no"

you can say:
uh oh
but seriously NEVER EVER say mama and when we ask you who I am you say daddy

You can:
call sophi by slapping your leg
use a napkin
point to your belly when we ask "where the baby is"
you tell us when your poopy
blow kisses
do all the actions to "popcorn popping" and the "wise man build his house upon the rock"
you know where your eyes, ears, nose and mouth are
you make us give your baby kisses (lots and lots of kisses)
bring me your bow if it falls out and hold still while I put it back in

your blankie, you love to rub it on your nose and under your binkie
you love your binkie (but now rule is only at bed and in the car)
swim lessons
balls (every circle, ball, round thing is a "bubble and you are sure to point them out)
helping mom clean (you use your very own wash cloth and wipe everything)
talking on the phone (anything is a phone, newest phone: the hot glue gun, don't worry unplugged)
Elmo's world
Dora the Explorer

and so many more things that are uniquely you that it is hard to paint a picture of our days together or your sweet personality.

I love you more each day...


Jess + Tyler said...

She is a doll! I love how you are writing posts like this. Its soo fun to watch her grow!

Jess + Tyler said...
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Madison said...

Gosh, she's growing up so dang fast. I need to see her more! If it's possible, she's getting cuter and cuter all the time.

Joe and Raylene said...

She is so cute and so big! I love love love the picture! :)

Vicki said...

She isn't a baby anymore. What a cutie! BTW, I love "LB's" bedding and room decor. I would love to come see it when it is done!

Josh and Becca said...

Such a wonderful post. She will cherish these someday. Love you guys!!!

Kandace said...

I LOVE this idea of writting her letters! I'm totally going to steal it. Hope that's okay. You're such a great mom!