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Friday, December 16, 2011

last year with santa

i couldn't find a post from our santa session last year
so if I did already post these pictures in 2010 I apologize.
but really, they are just too funny not to share again.
my how far we have come...
finley was a wee little peanut in my tummy
and genevieve was just a babe.

Monday, December 12, 2011

life with a two year old.

life with a two year has proven to be quite interesting and difficult, if I'm being honest.
Joe and I are usually at a loss of what to do and how to react to most situations Genevieve puts us in.
She is definitely full of spice.

I have been reading up on "positive parenting" and trying to give her positive attention for doing good things and trying to show her what to do instead of the negative behavior.
I've also been trying to stay extremely calm and patient, so she can't feed off my negative energy
the key word here is "TRY"
I remember my parents always saying "you didn't come with an instruction manual"
now I totally get what they meant.
Joe and I want so badly to do it right and seem to fall short, very short on most days.
Everyone is a PERFECT parent before they have kids 
before I had Genevieve I always thought:
oh my kids will never hit
never say "no"
never scream in public
etc. etc. etc.
well unfortunately, with all our best efforts genevieve
tends to hit, a lot.
"no" is one of her most used words
and she screams in public, sometimes.

Around our house these are our most common phrases:

us: "genevieve, do we hit?"
g: "no, we hug!"

us: "genevieve, what is the proper way to ask?"
g: "peease"

us: "genevieve, do we say no?"
g: "no, say yes mommy"

us: "genevieve do we scream inside?"
g: "no outside" followed by tiny little screams instead

us: "genevieve do we touch?"
g: "no look with eyes"

this is genevieve looking at her nutcrackers daddy brought her home from Germany
looking with her eyes, not her hands
if it is too quiet she has usually crawled up on the piano to "look" with her eyes
which on most occasions tends to be very difficult.

(don't ask me why she is naked, with just a bib on, she is two)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best 50 cents I've ever spent

Picture toys r us three weeks before christmas during a huge two day sale. Now picture joe and I with a starving and tired 5 month old and a nap less two year old... in the middle of a toy store. it was pretty much christmas chaos. Surprisingly genevieve did really well until about two hours into it, this is where the 50 cent flying dumbo enters in.  It was her first time to ride anything like that and seriously it was the best 50 cents I've ever spent!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

what lil' miss wore.

don't mind the slobber mark right in the middle of her shirt

and one for the road,
 couldn't be a post without her crying in at least one picture.

mornings with the babes

it's been so exciting to watch fin and genevieve's relationship develop.
only recently have they become interested in one another.
fin is mesmerized by Genevieve
and genevieve is actually beginning to play with him.
this morning i looked over to see a sweet sight.
genevieve had made a table and was making "dinner" for finley
she wasn't bonking him on the head, she wasn't hugging him too tight, 
she was actually playing with him
and they both loved it!

could they look any different?

what a sight to see, i love my babies.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Her first tree.

And it is magical.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

First braid

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday, November 10, 2011

A very tired "hamburger super hero"

Thanks to an old halloween costume and blankie genevieve spent the day being a very interesting super hero... Mustard, buns, cape and all.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

the musings of a two year old

(out for a stroll, "fishy purse" and dog in hand)

what a two year old says...
most of the time I'm guessing and trying to figure out just what little miss g is saying
but sometimes I get it right...
(note: if you are offended by the word penis, don't read on)

while walking in the parking lot with daddy genevieve pointed to the moon:
 genevieve: "the moon, the moon, I wan it"
joe: "yeah that is the moon"
genevieve: "i wanna touch it, my hand"
joe: "it's too far away to touch it"
genevieve: "i get stick, touch stick"
joe: "I don't think you can even reach it with a stick"
genevieve: "i wan it, i wan it"

while on the toilet genevieve looked through her legs
"where my penis (clear as day) go?"

as i was trying (operative word) to take pictures of her
she took the lens cap and put it over her eye
"i a pirate"
(what the heck i didn't even know she knew what a pirate was)

while at red butte gardens for halloween
her and her little friend aaron ran around saying everything was 

she is constantly nursing her baby dolls or having me nurse her baby doll while i nurse fin
"mommy's mulk" 

sophi rolled over the other day to have us rub her belly
genevieve yelled in delight
"sopi a nakie girl!" 
(because there is no fur on sophi's tummy)

we went to the doctor and as the doctor walked in
clear as day she said:
"hi dr. wirkus"
(um hello, she is paying attention way more than i give her credit for)

she was going over the anatomy of her minnie mouse
"eyes, ears, nose, bow" 
then she came to the tail
"whas at... its penis"
(i was floored, its apparent she has a baby brother)

at the grocery store she was sucking a sucker
the check out lady said 
"you are a cute girl"
genevieve: "no i a sticky girl!"

my sweet girl, you keep us on our toes and laughing all the time.
what would i ever do without you?

what lil' miss wore.

the older genevieve gets, the more she HATES her picture taken
maybe thats why I post so many more of Finley.
She will scream "no" and hide her face in a corner, so i have to wait and wait
and pretend like I'm not taking pictures of her until she turns around
so this is all I could get.  

still cute.

can we say terrible twos...

Friday, November 4, 2011

halloween (belated)

halloween was spent with lots of friends and neighbors
a hamburger and hot dog
and warm weather...

when asked what genevieve was for Halloween she would excitedly say:
"I a hangabur and finnie's a hock gog"

our cute friend Krista made genevieve a "candy purse" but she carried it around 
so many places before Halloween we couldn't find it when the day arrived...
so the "fishy purse" filled in.

genevieve's very best friends, both one year older so they take good care of her.
aaron who lives directly across the street and hunter who lives right next door
she is always asking to play with hunter and aaron and before bed she looks out the window
and yells "night aaron, night hunter"

ms. becca and the kiddos

the weather was so warm this year. after trick or treating we spent the rest of the evening
sitting on the front porch handing out candy and talking with neighbors
genevieve felt it was necessary to put on her floaty and ride around on her "vroom vroom"

getting very very sleepy

happy halloween 
from the yummiest hamburger and hot dog around


a little timid at first.


"no no scawy!!"

ok with the guts as long as the spoon was in hand

first "punkin" carving.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what lil' miss wore.

I've been asked where I get lil' miss's clothes.  so when I DO get her dressed and if I can get a picture before she destroys her outfit with food, markets, crayons, etc. etc. I'll post some pictures.

here's todays.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

birthday girl

my girl spent her birthday
sadly, sneezing, sniffling and sick sick sick
balloons, a blow up mattress and movies
happy second birthday sweet sniffly girl.